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Dear Friends, One of the most frequent compliments I get to hear is, “You have put together a real good team.” We at KBS believe UPS/PAC/Infra sale is a relationship based business, and our people are the key to success. We expect a lot from our team and we get it. We expect our people to be passionate about their business and eager to learn more about their customers, their needs, new technologies and products.

We work hard to give our people what is important to them which includes:-

  • A position as a valued team member
  • A voice for improvement and suggestions
  • Recognition for hard work and good performances

And we work as a team. We are dedicated to our team members and to their growth and our team members to their customers and their business. Looks like a simple tested equation. But we know in the hearts of this equation lives vision, goals, dedication, hard work, team work, integrity, positive attitude, ownership and perfect implementation that truly makes it simple. Every team member carries an extra ordinary sense of belongingness towards their company.

Our commonsense solution is to hire talented and committed people with the belief that they will work hard to get to the right solution for our customers. We let our team members know that ultimately it’s their company, to make or break. It’s a simple mindset that produces great results. We bring value to our customers by being with them when ever they need us. Because this is the best way we learn about their concerns, their business aspirations and their specific needs. To earn a place in the competitive market we need to bring both ideas and products. Together we make a difference.

To be successful in our business operations we need people, product, capital and our customers trust. Last thing we would ever lose is the Customer Trust. Our behavior, our words, our products, our character must all support our mission of,

“To Retain and to Build Business on Customer Trust.”

On this happy note I welcome you all to our family. The KBS Family.


  • Ability is what you are capable of doing……….
  • Motivation determines what you do………..
  • Attitude determines how well you do it.

God bless you and best wishes.

Sruti Ranjan Pattnaik

Managing Partner.